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[FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:30 pm

The Original Article: https://www.facebook.com/notes/pocket-knights-2-official-group/faq/1901812106725991/ 

The Original Author: TOM AWEN

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Dear fellow gamers. This FAQ has been assembled to help you as you begin playing (or are already playing) Pocket Knights 2. This FAQ does not purport to answer every question which may pop up during the course of playing the game. Rather the FAQ section is designed to try to short cut some initial confusion and give a more clearer perspective into playing the game. However, do not be discouraged or frustrated if the FAQ does not answer your particular question. It simply means that we, as moderators who are assembling this FAQ, have not gotten to addressing all of the questions which can pop up.
Keep that in mind as you review the FAQ. We will strive to continue to add more FAQ when we can.
Also do not hesitate to ask questions in the Pocket Knights 2 official Facebook Group or contact the game moderators.
What is Pocket Knights 2?
Answer: It is a 3-D evolution of the original Pocket Knights game previously developed by Pitaya Games and marketed by ZQ Games. Pocket Knights 2 carries on some familiar heroes and aspects of the game but with the use of 3-D technology gives the player a more interactive and rewarding enjoyment of Pocket Knights then previously experienced in the original version.
I used to play Pocket Knights. What happened to Pocket Knights?
Answer: ZQ Games has discontinued the game; an independent decision made by ZQ Games. Pitaya Games was not involved in the discontinuation of Pocket Knights. Pocket Knights was discontinued on June 29, 2017 with the server formally shut down on July 19, 2017. Pocket Knights 2 is in no way affiliated with ZQGames.
Okay then so what is Pocket Knights 2, really?
Answer: It is an interactive team based combat system utilizing different heroes of different classes. The two major groups are warriors (relying on physical attack and strength) versus magical (relying on magical attack and spells). You build your team utilizing resources available to you whether collected in trips through adventures or purchase from various shops. You will then have the opportunity to challenge other player’s teams in an interactive combat setting.
So when did Pocket Knights 2 open?
Answer: The game opened in Beta Testing in April of 2017 and was officially released in early May of 2017. As it is a new game still in evolution there will be adjustments and improvements made along with the way as the game updates.
I noticed that my team has 5 spots but I don’t know what to do with them. I have a main hero but what happens then?
Answer: You have a main character (male or female which you pick). You then have your principal team members (2 of them) and 2 support team members. Altogether you have 5 heroes in your team. You will fill your other 4 slots from available heroes you summon or assemble from “shards” you pick up in your adventures. Basic heroes require only 10 shards to make into a hero. Epic, Legendary and Mythic heroes will require more shards because these heroes have stronger or special abilities compared to basic heroes. When you decide to try out the various event towers and challenges, your main character plus your principal team members will encounter bosses, defeat them and collect rewards. Should your main team members “die”, and if you move fast enough, you can switch your support team members to replace your main ones.
What are bosses?
Answer: They are the villains in the game. At each stage along the way you need to defeat the boss (and the kind of boss will vary) in order to advance. Sometimes you may get defeated in battle so you need to improve your team or add power to overcome that boss.
I know I should be paying attention to my team but I found a tab for “World Tree”. What is a world tree anyway and why should I care?
Answer: Every time you kill a boss you collect the boss’ soul. That soul is then used to feed the tree and the higher the tree gets, the more rewards you collect using the apples you harvest. The apples pay for special materials and resources needed to power your team. 

I noticed a bunch of empty boxes surrounding my main hero and the team members. What is this for?
Answer: These are gear boxes. You will pick up items of gear (swords, cuirasses, tassets and shoulders) to place in these boxes. As you rise higher in level, you will also be able to put in assorted jewelry.
Why should I care about gear and is it worth the time and trouble?
Answer: Yes. If you look at your main hero and your assisting team members on the lower right side of the screen with their stats, you will see bonus icons. If they are met they flash green and you get the benefits of certain combination bonuses (combos). For example, if you get Fearless Gear (part of epic gear) and get 4 of a kind, you will receive bonuses in certain skills. So if you don’t think matching the gear is a big deal, ask yourself the next time another player with coordinated gear destroys your team. 
I don’t get the differences between swords, cuirasses, tassets and shoulders. What does it matter to me anyway?
Answer: There are significant differences between each item of gear. Swords help improve attack and damage against an opponent. Cuirasses help with physical defense and other attributes. Tassets help with magical defense, dodging. Shoulders help improve your life survivability through increased hit points. The better the gear, the stronger, healthier and more agile you become. Paying attention to these details only matter if you want your team to last more then 10-seconds in an encounter with another player or a Boss.
I have received heroes to outfit my assist team but there’s another slot for “support”. What are the support heroes for? It may have been answered earlier but can you explain again?
Answer: support heroes do two things. One, they provide a back up team in case your assist team is knocked out of battle. Second, if the assist heroes are paired with their partners in the support team, the support team heroes help those heroes in the “assist” tab unlock their ULT (ultimate power).
What is the difference between P-ATK heroes and M-ATK heroes?
Answer: P-ATK refers to Physical Attack heroes. That is, the hero delivers damage in the form of brute force based on physical power. M-ATK refers to Magical Attack heroes. Those heroes use magical powers to inflict the damage to harm an opponent.
What does APT refer to?
Answer: APT refers to a hero’s aptitude. For lack of a better way to describe it, the higher the APT the more powerful the hero is. Your own main hero starts at 80 APT and you will have the opportunity to raise the main hero’s aptitude level. However the APT level on other heroes remain the same.
What does LEVEL UP mean as to my assist and support heroes?
Answer: When your main hero gains experience and hits a new level, only the main hero automatically rises to the new level gained. Your support and assist heroes however do not automatically rise to the next level. You have to use XP books to increase their experience level until they hit the same level as your main hero.
What does RANK UP mean as to my main, assist and support heroes?
Answer: Rank up refers to another way to increase the power of your main character and the heroes on your team. When you look at the INFO section of your individual hero, one of the sections is devoted to rank. Each rank gained unlocks an additional power associated with the hero. The higher the rank, the more powers unlocked and the greater in strength gained. However, the price for each increase in rank grows.
What does STAR UP mean as to my main, assist and support heroes?
Answer: Star up refers to increasing your main and assist and support heroes powers whether it is their HP, ATK, CRIT or TENACITY. You will need to collect runes or rune shards (and then combine them into runes) and then plug them in to reach a level. As with many rankings involving stars, with heroes, it is green 1-5, blue 1-5, violet 1-5 and so on. As your heroes and main character gain in stars their powers will also increase. But the price to reach each level goes up as well.
What does SKILL do for my main character and heroes?
Answer: When you hit the tab for a hero’s skill section you will find four boxes top to bottom. The top skill is the hero’s ULT or ultimate power tab. When you unlock the ULT power, you are able to unleash that hero’s special attack power. The bottom box refers to the hero’s abilities to work together with the rest of the team. The middle two boxes go to the tabs of lesser special attacks on your hero which refresh every 15 seconds after being used.
What are the basic attributes of heroes in Pocket Knights 2?
Answer: ATK refers to the total attack power of your hero. HP refers to the total amount of health (or how long you or your hero can survive in a battle with a boss), P-DEF refers to the physical defense akin to armor to protect the hero from physical attack. M-DEF refers to a hero’s magical defense or the ability to fend off from magical attack. HIT refers to the hit rate (or how many times your hero can hit the boss or opponent). DODGE refers to your hero’s ability to evade being hit by a boss or any opponent. CRIT refers to critical hit which is 150% of a hero’s attack or heal ability. TENACITY refers to your hero’s ability to decrease a boss’ or enemy’s critical attack against your main hero or assist heroes. ULTIMATE refers to increasing your hero’s critical damage output and inflicting it upon the boss or opponent. You will also see things such as DMG+ which refers to dealing extra damage to the boss or your opponent, DMG.REDUCTION which refers to reducing the damage taken from a hit, HEAL+ which refers to granting a bonus to healing powers to your hero (but only if your hero can heal) and RECOVERY which refers to recovering of HP but again, only for heroes with that power. GUARD refers to your hero’s ability to reduce or decrease a boss’ or enemy’s critical damage against your main hero or assist heroes.
Okay, I notice that I can gather Skill Fruit from the World Tree tab. What do I use the Skill Fruit for?
Answer: If you go to the SKILL tab on your main or assist heroes, you plug in the fruit into each skill box you want to upgrade the individual power. The higher in power, the more devastating the hero’s special attacks (or heals) become. The maximum cap on the skills are limited by your main hero’s top level. 
My team and my heroes need a lot of materials to raise their power. How do I get them?
Answer: There are a lot of places you can look to find the materials needed. For example, if you can’t get enough Skill Fruit from the World Tree, you can pick up more while doing the Trail. While on the Trail you can also pick up gear Rank up stones, jewelry shards, hero shards and other goodies.
What does ENERGY and STAMINA do and how can you replenish them?
Answer: Energy is needed to allow your hero to move through the normal and elite towers. On average it is 6 energy points for each level within a normal event tower, 12 energy points for an elite tower. Stamina is needed for the trail. Every step consumes 1 point of stamina. Both will replenish on their own but it takes time. You can replenish both energy and stamina using potions. You can buy potions in the store. Otherwise when you accomplish daily tasks or kill bosses you can sometimes get extra potions that way to replenish your energy and stamina.
In the Wilds I notice that there is a first strike and a last strike prize box. Are these rewards?
Answer: Yes they are. If your hero manages to hit a boss the first time or the last time (thus killing the boss) you will get rewards. Often times it is gear or gear accessories. In addition, one gold and two silver chests will drop. Those are first come first serve but if you open them you may sometimes get additional gear, gear accessories or gems.
I notice that some players have the names of certain guilds underneath their character names. What does this mean?
Answer: That person tells other people which fighting guild he or she belongs to. When in the Wilds, players can fight and kill each other’s heroes if they are not members of the same guild.
After I completed tower 5, I see a “guild” tab pop up. What is this?
Answer: Guilds are the fighting organizations which exist in the game. Players may band together to form a fighting group to take on other guilds. There are guild leaders, deputy leaders (officers) and members. In one way of viewing it, the guild leaders are like the legendary Shogun of ancient Japanese culture with players representing the various samurai who allied themselves. Players can join and leave guilds at their own volition and leaders can change, whether by group consensus or other ways unique to each guild. Guilds are helpful and varying in size, quality and personality of members their effectiveness can go up or down as time elapses.
I don’t understand the relationship between the P-ATK heroes versus M-ATK heroes and what they can do.
Answer: When you touch the hero on the screen it goes to a bar with a number of tabs. Touch the one with INFO on it. It gives you a description of what their abilities and ultimate power strengths are. P-ATK refers to a warrior whose primary method of dealing damage is through Physical Attack. M-ATK heroes refer to magicians/wizards or others who use magic damage in inflicting the most pain.
I put my team members into play but the entire time I am playing the team but I can’t figure out why I can’t unleash my hero’s ultimate power. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: Double check your team. A hero’s ultimate power does not unlock unless his or her partner is either in the assist or support position. Even if you have that hero’s “partner” in the cheer group, that placement will not unlock the ultimate power. For example, Snow Queen and Arthur are a matched pair. You can have the two of them together in the assist group in order for each of them to unleash their ultimate power. Or you can have Snow Queen in the support with Arthur in the assist team and Arthur still gets to unleash his ULT (ultimate) power on opponents. Also, if you look at your hero’s display under the stat section, if you do not see that hero’s partner icon lit up, it also confirms your hero cannot unlock the ULT power.
I had my team in battle and for some reason I notice that next to each hero’s icon there is a little bubble which fills up with blue stuff. What is that?
Answer: That “bubble” is the icon telling you how much rage your hero is building up. When maximum rage has filled the bubble, your hero can release the ULT attack. When you see the hero’s partner show up along with two golden lightning “connectors” show up next to the hero in question, that means you can release the ultimate attack. Tap your hero’s icon to release the ultimate. After released the bubble empties and it will gradually fill up again to the next release.
How can I fill up the rage bubble fast in my hero? It seems like forever to fill it!
Answer: Rage bubble can fill up in a variety of ways. The easiest way is your hero is getting attacked and hit a lot. Provided your hero is strong enough not to die right away under all the attacks the enemy contact will refill the bubble. Another way is your hero attacking other opponents or bosses. That also refills the bubble. 
I want to power up my main hero to the maximum possible with all the resources I can use. Is that a good idea?
Answer: There is no easy answer. It takes time and effort to get all the resources to power up your main hero and your team. With the revive option and 50 diamonds, you can “restart” from scratch with any hero and reclaim the resources used to power up that hero. There is one exception though. Your main hero. Any resources you put into that hero, you can never, ever reclaim. Once in that main hero, you can’t take back if you realize you needed the resources in another hero. You cannot use the revive option.
How important is it to switch out your heroes in your team? It looks like there are situations where different heroes are needed? 
Answer: Again, no easy answer. There are many situations where having different heroes are needed. Some of the M-ATK heroes are “healers” and they can prove very helpful to your team. Especially if the battle takes more then 20-seconds to resolve. As PK2 is still evolving, you should experiment. Sometimes you gain power for your team. Sometimes you lose power. Focus on what works for you. 
Should I tier my team equally. It makes sense that everyone has the same level and skill ranks, right?
Answer: Again, no easy answer. There are many players who do things differently. Take a look at what the top players are doing. Look at what players closer to your level are doing. Some players power up only a couple members of their team. Others may be powering up whole team step by step. 
How do I know if my hero is a healer?
Answer: Go to the info tab after tapping on the hero icon. The INFO passage will literally describe what your hero can do. If the INFO section says that the hero will heal themselves or team members, they are a healer. If there is no mention of the ability to heal, then they are not.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:06 pm
Dear fellow gamer. As your moderators we have attempted (and continue to attempt) to make sure that all gamers get as much information and assistance about Pocket Knights 2. We however caution all players that as a new gaming system, there will be gaps in available knowledge. One of the ways to help is to add more FAQ when we an put them together. We apologize in advance if we don’t cover every question you may have but we will try to add more as time progresses.

Your moderators.


What is the Abyss?

ANSWER: The Abyss is a daily renewing challenge for player teams of up to three people. As you reach certain levels, the Abyss will open for you with Ice Naga and then as you gain in levels, additional challenges will open for you. By fighting and defeating the boss (up to 4 challenges a day), you gain important mats for your relics.

Where do I find the tab for the Abyss?

ANSWER: If you look at the main storyline page (with both the normal and elite storylines), at the lower right side of the screen you will see the Abyss tab. If you are at the minimum eligible level (the server will prompt you when you meet the requirements) you can touch the tab to enter the Abyss.

What kind of Boss am I going to fight?

ANSWER: At first, you will get Ice Naga at level 40 strength. As you gain in levels, the additional bosses will unlock and then you can fight them.

Can I solo fighting the boss?

ANSWER: It may be possible for single individual players who have enough strength and skill in their teams to solo a challenge a boss. But the odds are your team will be wiped out. Therefore it is best to assemble a team of three (3) players who can, by their teamwork, defeat the boss.

How do I put together a team to fight the Abyss boss?

ANSWER: When you touch the tab for the Abyss boss a separate window will open. The left side of the screen will show other players who have formed teams and are either waiting for people to join them or are not at maximum capacity. On the lower right side you will see the tabs LEAVE and CREATE. Create refers to creating your own team. Leave refers to exiting out of the team you joined.

How do I fill my team to fight the Abyss boss?

ANSWER: There are several ways. You can invite everyone in the world to come join you when you hit the INVITE button. Players of all strengths and levels will come to join you. If you do not like them you can “boot them” by use of a tab next to the player icon in the player display. Otherwise, “robots” (server generated players) can join you. Or, if you have pre-arranged it with other players, they will wait for your team icon to show and then touch the tab to join it.

What are the different bosses in Abyss and how strong are they?

ANSWER: In consecutive order, with the boss level next to them, they are as follows: Ice Naga-40, Elaine Adam-45, Dracula-50, Eleanor Adam-55, Warden-60, Centaur-65, Skeletal King-70, Eleanor Adam (Elaine and Eleanor)-75, Lord of Cave-80, Elf King-85, T-2000 (90) and Dragon King-95.

You wrote earlier that I can have up to 4 challenges. What if I lose all 4?

ANSWER: The server and the game is generous. You get up to 4 challenges in which your win is counted and you receive the rewards. You could lose 23 times (or more) before finally winning your 4 and the server will credit you those 4 wins no matter how many times it takes to win those challenges. You can also keep playing the Abyss even after getting your 4 daily wins. You just won’t get any credit for those.

Do I get all the time I want to beat the bosses?

ANSWER: No. There is a 5 minute time limit. If you do not kill the boss before the clock runs down to zero, the server will declare you have lost the battle. You get to start all over again.

Is there a preferred team of heroes to use in Abyss?

ANSWER: No, is the short answer. The longer answer is that each team is made up of heroes that you will like. Just like another player may have a completely different team. Based upon the battles fought so far it is suggested that one team contain a powerhouse set up (mythic P-ATK or M-ATK heroes) while the other teams contain at least one healer to help extend the life span of all the teams while fighting. Game experience has shown that this kind of joint player set up is the most successful.

Is there a strategy on how to defeat the bosses in the Abyss?

ANSWER: A silly answer to that question is, “yes, don’t die!”. But in reality, there is a strategy. The question is how to adapt the strategy to reality. When you start the Abyss challenges, you will find that you have run into these bosses before in the Mainline story theme. Think about how you defeated those bosses in the Mainline story and then apply it to abyss challenge. If you look at Ice Naga, you know that when she flashes her red zone, anyone caught in its ULT is going to be frozen and take damage. The solution is to move your team out of the way so they are not frozen. They can then come back and keep attacking the Ice Naga. Otherwise, make sure your P-ATK or M-ATK heroes deliver their ULT first before Ice Naga releases and then spoil the attack. As for the other heroes, it is suggested to go back in the Mainline or Elite story line and look for where these bosses show up and do a battle in that chapter to refresh what kind of challenge it will be.

I see a PREVIEW button next to each abyss boss. What’s that for?

ANSWER: When you tap the preview button it tells you the following: what the suggested power is needed to defeat the boss; the rewards in gold, XP for defeating the boss and the available loot which would be found in the treasure chests after you defeat the boss.

I am hitting the Create or the Join button but nothing happens or if something happens I get the Energy Potion tab pop up. What’s this?

ANSWER: An abyss challenge is like a Mainline or Elite challenge. It costs Energy Points. Energy required for each challenge is 18 EP. Four challenges means you need to set aside 72 EP.

There is a “SET TEAM” tab on the lower left of the screen. What am I supposed to do with it?

ANSWER: If you are confident that your team is deployed in the best way possible then you do not have to do a thing. On the other hand if you are not sure, by touching the SET TEAM tab you can change the weapon your Main hero uses and change the disposition of your support team and assist team.

I see tabs for Quests, Relic Shop and Relic Chest. What are they doing there?

ANSWER: The last two are quick links to them in case you need more relic shards. The first one is a reward tally for daily challenge rewards (holy crystals) and the FEAT SHOP allows you to buy certain relic items at a reduced price. 
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:20 pm

Q: Why I doesn't get the diamond and VIP EXP after I purchase? And what should I do after encountering this problem?
A: This issue usually happens when there is a lag between the network and Google Play. Click the same tier button will fix it.
For example, if you don't get 70 diamond for $0.99. 
Click $0.99 Button again (not to recharge again, just click) then check your diamond and vip.
If this method doesn't help, contact us via Pocket Knights 2 Facebook or mail: pksupport@mngo.com with your character id and receipt from Google Play.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:23 pm

Q: I lose the battle when my power is 120000, and the opponent is 100000. I'm more powerful!
A: As we know, the power is consist of the Main Hero, the 2 Front Hero and 2 backup hero.
Player A spends almost his material on the first 3 heroes. While Player B spends the same (or a little bit more) material on 5 heroes each.
When battling, Player A will have more advantage.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:27 pm
Gift Code

Q:Where can I get Gift Code? And where to input it?
A: Choose Bonus-Gift Code
There 3 ways to get Gift Code for now.
1st Way: Take part in the Facebook Event.
2nd Way: We'll sometimes post some gift code in Facebook (Forum). Be a fan (member) of our page (Forum) and you can get the code in advance.
3rd Way: Feedback about bugs
Contact us via Facebook or Mail:pksupport@mngo.com with the problem you met.
Attach your character id and more details (what function you're using; screenshot; device info; system version) would be preferred.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:29 pm

Q: I don't have enough time to do trial. Can I use stamina quickly?
A: Sure. Choose Trial-Fairyland (unlock you kill random trial boss lvl 20). You can spend certain stamina for a long time trail.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:50 pm

Q: I've seen many player wear wings. Where can I get it?
A: The quickest way to get wings is the 1st recharge event. (1400 diamond)
If you 1st recharge reaches 1400 diamond, you will get not only the 1400 tier reward but also the 10 diamond tier and 500 diamond tier reward including random legendary hero, stamina, gold, beautiful wear.
Choose arena-points.
Daily 30 point will get Demon's King Shard.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:52 pm

Q: I'm already VIP4 but where can I get the Fund?
A:  Choose Bonus-Fund
You need to use 1000 diamond to buy this fund (vip 2 or above), then you claim the level reward one by one.
Totally 10000 diamond bonus. Really helpful at the beginning!
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:58 pm
About Rage

Q:Any Info about Rage?
1.Back Hero will increase rage as the battle starts.
2.Battle Hero will increase rage only when they deal normal attack or receive damage from enemies.
3.Some heroes have more original rage or increase rage after using certain skills, such as Main Hero.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:04 pm
Unlock Function

Q: Sometimes I see other player’s equipment has green star or blue star on it. What’s that?
A:It’s star-up function for equipment. You can check all the main function’s unlock level on the Main Screen-Goal (the button beside Quest) 
Elite Trial-lvl 40, Equip Star-Up-lvl 45, Relics-lvl 50, Summon Hero-Finish Main Quest 1-13, Arena-Finish Main Quest 3-20, Trial-Finish Main Quest 5-27, Wild-Finish Main Quest 5-28.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:08 pm
Met Problem

Q: I need help, where I can find support?
A: At first, please try to elaborate the problem you met. 
Such as, when-when did this happen? All the time?Just Once?
What-What problem?  Any picture? Anything else you think is helpful?
Who-Your character id or character name.
How-How did it happen? Which function are you using at that time?
Among all the above, your character id or character name is really important. Without character id, it’s difficult to reappear or look into.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:11 pm
Contact Way

Facebook Message or Support Mail (pksupport@mngo.com) will be fine.
If you already attach your character id or character name with the mail, we can deal with the problem asap. Otherwise, we need to contact you again asking for that, which’ll waste a lot of time.
That’s why your character id or character name is very important.
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Re: [FAQ] Pocket Knights 2

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