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New Version Notice

on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:30 pm
0.9.0 Version Notice

The release date of the 0.9.0 version will be postponed to Mid-Oct. During these days, you can join the Warm Up Event to get more 'Update Coupon' Card. And when the new version releases, you can use these cards to exchange new version materials. Cool

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Re: New Version Notice

on Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:28 pm
Version 0.9.5
1.Add Unique Myth Hero (AKA, S.Hero). Available in event. Has strong status and new Passive Skill
2.Add Peak Function. Reaching certain requirement, can challenge different Boss.
3.New Chapter Added (Totally 40 chapters)
4.New Wild Area
5.Guild VS Guild: Chaos Battlefield.
6.Relics Enchantment adjustment. Increase status.

1.Main Hero Quality to Golden
2.Extend max level to 130.
3.World Tree Boss changes 5 each to 3 each. (Before 15 boss, now 9 boss.)
4.Persoanl Boss amount changes from 20 to 12.
5.Wild Boss drop adjustment. Rank 7-9 role gear can be dissolved. (30% shop price.)
6.V11-V15 VIP Pack adjustment. Item level has been increased. (Price too.) If you have bought it before the update, you can buy it again.
7.Chance to use gold to buy Astral Pearl and Energy Crystal in World Tree Shop
8.Adjust the following reward due to two new added system and reward:
1)Arena Rank Reward
2)Daily Quest, Active Point Chest Diamond
3)Monthly Sigin Diamond
4)Online Time Diamond Reward. (Add star chest in the last two tier reward)
9.Optimize Gear Chest. High chance to get high rank gear.
10. Mythic Tower reset cost.
11. Deluxe Sign Reward adjust.
12.Add S Heart in King's Shop. Increase red hero price.
13.In Guild Shop, mythic essence price shall not be affected by guild shop lvl (discount)
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Re: New Version Notice

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:53 pm
Version 0.9.6

1. Daily Recharge will replace luxury sign in after the update. Related players will receive a luxury sign in reward chest.
2. Optimize parts of wild and trail quest. Change to communication quest.
3. Fix some players may stuck in the tutorial.
4. Adjust tutorial experience.
5. Rage (Immune to control) changes from 50% HP to 30% HP. Decrease BOSS's damage and heal status. The last stage BOSS of each chapter will have rage system.

1. Hero Shop: V0-V5 players can refresh to buy red hero shards after reaching lvl 50. 2 shards a time.
2. Increase three red heroes and three S.Heroes' skill coefficient.
3. BOSS ULT Adjustment (by half): Daenerys, Amaterasu, Fankenstein; Goblin Bowler; Ice Naga
4. World Tree Height Box changes to Star Chest*5, World Tree Fruit*5, Astral Pearls*100
5. Talisman Shop. Adjust Red talisman and S.Hero's talisman's price.
6. Adjust S.Red Hero's rank up in early period.
7. Add new Hero: U.Tauren Chief, U.Medusa, U.Oda Nobunaga
   Add new S Hero: S.Snow Queen, S.Heracles, S.Genghis Khan
Add Red Hero shard box (No.2) and S Hero shard box (no.2). Open to choose new hero.
8. Reduce the daily quest's difficulty on Easy and Normal mode.
   Reduce first 5 abyss difficulty.
   Reduce lvl 1 Ancient Tree' hp by half. Reduce all the boss's central damage coefficient.
9. New U.Hero will add in the hero shop, king's path shop, guild shop; new U.Hero and S.Hero's talisman will add in the talisman shop.

10. In Peak II and above area, player can get star chest*1 by first and last hit.

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Re: New Version Notice

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