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 Some Useful Items Empty Some Useful Items

Thu May 17, 2018 11:19 pm
How to avoid the fatal attack?

Item 1: Truce Token

 Some Useful Items 139

It can be used in the Wild and Peak Secret Area to avoid being attacked by other players for 30 minutes.
Cost: 50 Diamonds | Free
Purchase Limit:1
How to get: Grocery (Common Item)| Oline Rewards

How to get more coins & rewards?

Item 2:Lv.3 Gold Bag

 Some Useful Items 239

Open it you can get 1,000,000 Gold. 
Cost: 500 Reputations | 5,000 Magic Crystals | 500 Courage Tokens
Purchase Limit:5 or 10
How to get: Role Gear Shop (Materials) | Hero Gear Shop (Materials) | Courage Shop

Item 3: 2X Reward Coupon

 Some Useful Items 338

Using it you can get 200% reward from challenging Personal Boss, Privilege Boss, and W-Tree Boss.
Cost: 10 diamonds
Purchase Limit:5 or 10
How to get: Grocery (Common Item)
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